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The strength of winter is surrounding us as we step into the Holiday Season at the end of one year and beginning of a new one.  But this year there is an edge to it.  Our beliefs and lives have been placed in sort of a spin, whirling around waiting to learn what the government decision will be for a new National budget just before the year ends, how will the new health care policies really effect us, what will these new weather patterns bring the world next as we read about one major storm and disaster after another and so much more.

It is probably one of the most unstable times in our history pertaining to all issues in our lives.  And yet, how appropriate for these challenges to be facing us at this time of year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

More than ever, this year we will be given the opportunity to really push our belief systems on faith, trust, love, and gratefulness.  More than ever we will have to confront our own fears and pressures as we try to fulfill our own and others expectations for the season.  What do we really believe?  What do we really trust in?  How grateful and loving are we really?  How much of it is wrapped in money?

The past few years have taught many of us more about the true value of life as we have faced devastating losses from the economy, job losses and natural disasters.  Now again this year as began we moving towards recovery, only to find more obstacles in our way, we will be asked to draw upon the very bare bones of our beliefs and graces.  What do we believe and trust?

The true meaning of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years were to celebrate people, life, birth, relationships and hope.  They were created with faith and love towards others and themselves, joining different cultures and beliefs together in hope of a greater and better future for all concerned.

They did not center on how big of a gift they could give or even how many; not how much money they did or didn’t spend on who for what.  It wasn’t about who had what and who didn’t.

It was about the gift of themselves to each other in sharing and listening, reaching out to understand and celebrate the likenesses and differences they had.  To celebrate the newness of what they were creating together from the work they had done to get that far.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all center on the births of new ways of thinking and being and the plans of how to change in the future to achieve those goals.  And these will be our same challenges this year as we are drawn back into our basics (memories, fears, beliefs, jealousies, joys, and pains).  We will be reaching into our own souls to find a way to make the holidays ring in joy and merriment.

Who are we really doing it for and why?  What really counts in our lives?  Why are we so caught up in what others think about us that we go broke trying to impress and please everyone else instead of really just enjoying each other and celebrating the true meaning of the holiday season.  What do we really believe and trust and what and who do we believe in?  Ourselves should be part of that answer and each of us will fill in the blanks with the rest.

Many blessings to all of you and all the various beliefs and faiths and holidays you all have and celebrate.  From me, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful and better New Year.  Blessings, Dawn

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