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Boy Jacket Child Denim Parent Kid Bubbles Family

Boy Jacket Child Denim Parent Kid Bubbles Family


I walk a Spiritual Path, as so many others of you do as well. On this path I’ve learned that there is balance in seeing the larger picture in everything. With that balance comes more tolerance of differences, more acceptance of others perspectives, more understanding that we are all one and that everyone and everything is connected. In this balance there is a move towards Unity for all and a way of peace.

We use our knowledge and energy to help heal everyone and everything without reservation or concern for color, nationality, religion, vocation, age, or any other limiting factor. We are a universal spirit set on this earth by a power greater than us to take care of each other, the earth and the universe the very best we can.

I’m afraid I do not recognize my country, America, anymore. It is torn and separated by prejudice and hatred that is growing in far greater proportions than ever before in history. It may look small on the surface, but it has been growing for over a decade in small incidences. Growing in proportions and numbers until now it is about to boil over in many different factions and areas of the country.

I am sad and my heart cries. For us as US Citizens, for our children’s lives who have been changed forever by gun violence, for our soldiers and law authorities placed in harms way from all this violence, for those children taken from their parents and their parents, for the people who are forced to be the ones to take those children away and take care of them because their own families depend on that income, and so much more. So many different perspectives involved.

I now clearly see why we on a Spiritual Path have chosen to walk this path together at this time in history. Many of us have been the forefront for the new light and information of today. Others will be the forefront of tomorrow and so on it will go from here on as never before witnessed on earth.

We are here to be the voices and presence of those who need to be heard in order to bring balance back into being on all levels. That’s what we came for, whether we realized it or not.

This is our time to help Heal and Transform with our knowledge and our energy in whatever we way we can, large or small, visible or invisible. Use your healing energy where you are guided to for the greatest good of all. Speak where you feel it will serve the greater good and you know you need to say something.

Each one of us is important in this earth puzzle. I urge us all to reach out to find where we fit in the puzzle board called Life.

Thank you and much love to everyone

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