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A new way of being.

Today I sat down to do some journaling and the subject of Coronavirus (COVID 19) came out immediately.  Rereading it after finishing it I have decided to share it here on my blog.  It’s not beautiful or wordy or profound in any way.  Just simple information from Spirit who has been with me for more than 25 years.  May you take away from it that which serves you and let go of anything that does not.  Please share it if you feel it will help someone.  Thank you.

Photo is AWAKEN by Dawn Cheney


3-26-20   Coronavirus (COVID 19).  Too much money being made on the back end pretending to be real.

7 AM in line at Dollar General in hopes of getting one package of toilet paper.  Good food stock here.  They open at 8 Am for the elderly.

How?  I don’t even know what?  You’re here God.  I can feel you.  Present.  Knowing, watching man.  Clasping your hands together and watching us butt heads and chatter away.  You’re real, we’re not.

We imagine our lives as people taking care of everything.  You see us as children who know nothing and act like fools.  But you know so much more don’t you?


It is the natural order of things, disorder & order.  There will always be pandemics, with man or without.  It is the natural order of things.

Cleansing from mistakes man’s made earth and nature take a course.  It will always come that way, undone, no matter what.

Infestations must have a feast and cleanse then order is reset to watch for the next mistakes that take lives in other forms.

Nature, Cosmos has their course to self correct.  It is the law of life itself in all things; chemical, gaseous, life, human, animals, vegetable, minerals, all.

The moment of truth has come for man in this century.  He has no choice now but to find himself in love and compassion of all things and life or string his life to existence of hell inside himself knowing nothing at all.

This is just as much an age of wonders as the next.  It is unseen by man because he cares for naught except his own self.

Any and all things are wonders unto themselves and others if they would be seen through natures eyes of glory in creation, destruction & recreation.  Life and death in simple patterns and complex lives hold sacred meaning to all.

There is creation in everything and wonder.  Man just won’t see it as wonder, natural order.

Life is a curious thing.  In order for new things to grow, old things must die.  Ideas, beliefs, lives, diseases, planets, people, all.

Rain falls, rises crops or fallows them in floods.  Sorrow and grief or joy at new choices is mans choice.




Stuck on a mountain and

No where to go.

Which way is the circle?

Which way is the snow?

The ice is all melting

And I’ve nowhere to go.

Help me I’m falling and

I need your help too.

Help me!  My habitat is

Falling into the sea.

And all I have with me is

This tiny iceberg and me.

WHEN IT FEELS LIKE THERE IS NOTHING TO HANG ONTO, HANG ON TO YOURSELF AND BREATH.  There is always a path forward.  We just need to slow down and take time to listen inside for the guidance of what to do next.  And sometimes that means just standing still waiting for the changes in yourself and others to catch up.  It’s OK to stand still.  It’s OK to be stuck.  It’s OK to be lost.  That just means your are exactly where you need to be so you can learn to listen inside better.

Breath slowly and deeply and wait.  Trust that the answer(s) will come when you and the universe are ready to hear them.  And know that you are safe and on the right path.  The light and truth of spirit are guiding you in all things.

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