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Thinking Ahead to the New Year


Crazy things go through my head as I’m thinking ahead and rounding the bend into the New Year.  You reading this are saying, “It’s not even Halloween yet.  What are you talking about?”

Well let me explain.  If you are going to be thankful at Thanksgiving and wishful at Christmas, it has to include the New Year  because you have to include the past, the present and the future in all your thankfulness and wishfulness.  So this means thinking of the New Year now.

Fact is, whether it’s consciously or unconsciously thought about, New Years is always part of our lives.  Every time we talk about hopes and dreams for the future, that’s all the New Years to get there.  Every time we talk about family plans and retirement and vacations, that’s all the New Years to set them in place.  We are a never ending line of New Years always in motion to get to the next one to see what it will be like.  And we always hope that the one coming will be better than the one that’s leaving.

So you see, our future is really all of our New Years to come, which we are always looking forward to and thinking about all the time.  So I’m really not too early to be thinking about New Years.

Interesting perspective isn’t it?  What do you think?



Sharing a piece of New Mexico here with our Tumbleweed Snowman.  A little weather fragile, but oh so original.  Hope you enjoy it.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Many Blessings to all.




The depths of Winter is a good time to reflect in silence on what has happened in our lives so far this year and ask how do we want to wrap up the year before it ends.  On the turn of the calendar to January 1 we begin to lay those new plans further out in our minds so they that can be ready to burst threw like new growth in the Spring.

Winter is the time when the earth lays fallow and farmers make their plans for the coming Spring plantings.  The same with us.  We also need a time to rest and plan.  Winter has been known for millennium as this time.  We lay fallow in our thoughts and reflect on the year to know where we stand before heading out anew in the coming year.  It gives our spirit a time of rest and peace and allows for the true enjoyment and pleasure of the Holiday Seasons approaching.

We are like the earth.  Our bodies are made up of the same elements as the earths.  And like the soil whose actions grow the plants, our emotions and thoughts generate most of the actions we take in our lives.  So it only makes sense for us to use the winter as a safe harbor, whenever possible, to refresh our mind, body and spirit.  In so doing we too are then prepared for new growth and change in the coming year.  The silence becomes the friend and guide to renew your life each year.

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