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Where will you be when the end comes to see you? Where will you be in your head? Will you face it in justice or harm it in crying defense? Will you see it and smile or turn in denial? How will it harm you? Or can you see a friend?

How will you know who you are in the end if you don’t know who are now? Where will you go to see yourself sleep? In the arms of the Mother, the charms of the nurse, the words of the Father? Where will you reside?

Harmless, unharmed, forgotten memory that comes across you in the end willing to let you go as a friend. Will you call your name and let you go? Where will you go when it’s the end? To peace one hopes. To the battlegrounds end on the other side of the Universe where life begins again in peace and harmony. Love is the end. Love of self to let go and fly. That is the end.


2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 470 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

First Art Show – Awaken To Your Dream

First Art Show – Awaken To Your Dream.

Sharing my joy.  Sold 4 pieces on opening night.

First Art Show – Awaken To Your Dream

Awaken To Your Dream

Awaken To Your Dream



SHOW RUN              JULY 4 – JULY 26, 2014

Has been selected as the guest artist for the month of July at the Quillin-Stephens Gallery

Quillin-Stephens Gallery

317 N Main St, Las Cruces, NM

(behind the Coas Bookstore)


Transformational Light Designs – like me Facebook


Dawn M Cheney

Originally from the Midwest, Dawn has been a resident of New Mexico now for 12 years. She began her career in the traditional business world. Through a spiritual encounter in 1994 she began a new direction into energetic healing and reawakened her passion for art. She has been an Artist, Reiki Master, Sekhem Practioner, Intuitive Psychic Channel, and Transformational Spiritual Counselor for over 20 years.

Her love of nature and the outdoors has encouraged her natural creative process to expand and grow to include creating artwork in conjunction with the energetic etheric frequencies of the Universe.

Through the shapes, colors and patterns of her designs she creates continual movement and sensation for the observer to interpret in their own way. The art’s expressive and decorative presence can be used as a meditative tool or for the viewer’s enjoyment. These frequencies are always at work bringing in clarity, calming and healing energies to help enhance the viewer’s environment and self-awareness. Carry them with you or hang them in your favorite spot.

Dawn’s Healing Card Prints work the same as above, but in a more specific manner. They work specifically in conjunction with the various emotional, mental, physical and spiritual frequencies and properties of the cards name; i.e., JOY, FORGIVENESS, CHAKRA, EARTH, etc., if you are using them as healing or meditation tools. Or, again, they can be enjoyed simply in appreciation of the creative art piece itself.


Going Within

IMG_0411 me

We seek outside ourselves for answers that can really only be found within us.  The wisdom of the ages is found within each and every one of us here on earth.  The journey to go within can seem very frightening at the beginning.  It’s so expansive and there is no instruction book explaining exactly how every step will look along the way, like a scientific experiment with guaranteed results every time.  Only hints and recommendations of what happened to this person or that person and what they felt and did while at the same time telling you to trust, that it will work for you too.

And that’s where the BIG leap of faith comes in.  Spirit will push the door open giving you opportunities to step into something new or different.  And when the time is right for you, you will take those first steps into the doorway in a leap of faith that you may not even believe in.  But you will do it because it “feels” like something you are supposed to be doing and it “feels” right for you.  Your GUT, your intuition, your knowing, will KNOW that it is the right thing to do.  And that’s all you have to worry about to get started on the journey within you.

You discover that you do have guideposts inside you from your life experience, from books you’ve read, and people you’ve talked to that point you in the right direction.  And when you get stuck you’ll find that the right people will show up, the right books will come your way or just the right information has landed in front of you to help you to the next step.

It’s not about perfection or doing everything the books say to do.  It’s about how you follow YOUR intuition and knowingness inside you.  It’s all about pure TRUST in yourself and Spirit.  How you walk it your way.  It’s about a leap of faith that you do know what you’re doing, even if you don’t.  You just know you have to do it for YOU.

Channeled information:  Dawn M Cheney

Wisdom is not playing one card against the other.

Wisdom is holding your cards into the unknown.


Empty the glass of your need

So that you won’t be disgraced.

Stop longing for someone out there

And begin seeing within.



The Secret of Friendship

The Secret of Friendship.

The Secret of Friendship

Friends scan

WE KEEP our friendships in our most SECRET parts of ourselves as defined by only us.  They are the matches to our lives where we go to tell our secrets, cry , laugh , sing, dance, party, and share the deepest parts of our lives with.  We bless them, we hate them, we love them, we are jealous of them, we forgive them, and we know we  can’t live without them.

I found the above poem many years ago and I like it because it best explains the truth of what I see friendship to be.  It had no author listed and it reads:

A friend is one who knows you as you are,

Understands where you’ve been,

Accepts who you’ve become,

And still invites you to grow.

May you take a moment to bless them all in your lives now.  Whether you forget them in a week or they are still in your life in 10 years.  Bless them.  For they are like the fabric that holds us all together.  They are a reminder that we are all connected through the etheric energetic strings of the universe and that any one of us can hold the other through those strings anytime we want to.  Friends are there for the prayers we say in the moment of triumph and in the despair of grief at the loss a loved one.  They hold us and we hold them.  The fabric is whole.

WEB OF LIFE   by Dawn M Cheney

We weave a web of life.

And others we entwine with ours

To form the ebb and flow

That makes it all worth while.

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