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Awaken To Your Dream

Awaken To Your Dream



SHOW RUN              JULY 4 – JULY 26, 2014

Has been selected as the guest artist for the month of July at the Quillin-Stephens Gallery

Quillin-Stephens Gallery

317 N Main St, Las Cruces, NM

(behind the Coas Bookstore)


Transformational Light Designs – like me Facebook


Dawn M Cheney

Originally from the Midwest, Dawn has been a resident of New Mexico now for 12 years. She began her career in the traditional business world. Through a spiritual encounter in 1994 she began a new direction into energetic healing and reawakened her passion for art. She has been an Artist, Reiki Master, Sekhem Practioner, Intuitive Psychic Channel, and Transformational Spiritual Counselor for over 20 years.

Her love of nature and the outdoors has encouraged her natural creative process to expand and grow to include creating artwork in conjunction with the energetic etheric frequencies of the Universe.

Through the shapes, colors and patterns of her designs she creates continual movement and sensation for the observer to interpret in their own way. The art’s expressive and decorative presence can be used as a meditative tool or for the viewer’s enjoyment. These frequencies are always at work bringing in clarity, calming and healing energies to help enhance the viewer’s environment and self-awareness. Carry them with you or hang them in your favorite spot.

Dawn’s Healing Card Prints work the same as above, but in a more specific manner. They work specifically in conjunction with the various emotional, mental, physical and spiritual frequencies and properties of the cards name; i.e., JOY, FORGIVENESS, CHAKRA, EARTH, etc., if you are using them as healing or meditation tools. Or, again, they can be enjoyed simply in appreciation of the creative art piece itself.


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