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Introducing myself, Dawn M Cheney, on my new account.  This is the dry stuff, but the good stuff will follow as I get my feet wet here.

I am a Reiki Energetic Healer/Teacher, Sekhem Energetic Healer, Intuitive Psychic Reader, and Transformational Spiritual Counselor.  I was in the traditional business world for over 30 years before finding myself drawn to reactivating my natural healing and intuitive abilities in 1995.  Since then I have created a foundation using Reiki and Sekhem (an ancient Egyptian energy healing system) with Shamanic principles of nature to form a cohesive healing basis from which I work.  These principles work well together to form a well-rounded and balanced approach to helping people find physical relief and improvement with most issues in their life.  In addition, my transformational counseling skills give clients a better understanding of the bigger picture to their health and well being and how it all fits together.

I look forward to building an informative and fun source for practitioners and clients alike and I encourage you all to join in with comments.


Comments on: "Introduction" (2)

  1. Hello Dawn,
    I wish you the best on this new venture, I know it is never easy to start something new, and it takes courage to take that step forward. I salute you and know that it is going to be a very exciting and growing experience. I am older now and I believe wiser, I have made many major changes on my journey and I don’t regret any of them. I made myself a promise when I was younger that I would not leave this world saying “I Wish I had”. I am a firm believer of following your intuitions and your dreams. They have not lead me astray and I feel I am a better person for it.

    This life is Magic, it is up to us to see it, make it, and live it. I am very excited of my journey and in great gratitude.
    InJoy, Enjoy!

    • I am not sure I actually succeeded in sending a response so I will try again. Thank you for your support and wise sentiments. I see your sites and it gives me hope that I too can find my way through this computer maze. Thank you.

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