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by Dawn M Cheney

Have you ever been afraid in a house, with or without others there, and had absolutely no idea of what it meant to be psychic or empathic? Maybe you had been told you had the gift to see spirits, but you had no one to talk to or teach you about them. I see a lot of heads shaking yes. Scary isn’t it sometimes?

I have been psychic and empathic all of my life. But I was born in 1949 to Evangelical Lutheran parents who persisted in convincing me I was not. My father was studying to become an Osteopathic Doctor and my mother was a housewife when I was born in Illinois.. He started his residency in Denver, Colorado when I was about 5 years old. For them anything out of the norm was taboo.

My memories, however, tell me otherwise about my gifts. As do my innate abilities and friends from growing up who confirm most emphatically that I have always had these gifts of being psychic, empathic, healing and being the listener everyone shared their troubles with for comfort and answers.

So for those of you who have never had your gifts turned off or dismissed, let me attempt to help you understand what it is like for a child to live between the worlds of everyday life and spirit and be misunderstood. Short story of it is, it can be quite confusing and terrifying. And really, really bad for your self-esteem!

Being able to talk to plants and animals only to turn around and have your parents punish you for saying such things is beyond confusing. It’s downright terrifying. You are told you’re bad. They say things like, “You don’t want to be thought of as crazy by other adults and children now do you?”. Then they turn around and kill or get rid of the very things that bring you happiness, plants and animals. What a way to confuse and traumatize a child.

You ask yourself, “Are you going crazy then like they suggested? Is what you see real? Why can’t your parents hear and see the same things you can? Who can you talk to and figure this out?” Not your parents, not your aunts, uncles, nor neighbors that are on short term stay because of hospital staffing and school. If these things are not real, what are those things that scare you so much at night in your room? Why do you see them and your parents don’t?

Why do you see scary ugly faces and figures around your father all the time that others can’t see? Who and what are they and why do they keep trying to talk to you? Especially when you don’t like them at all and they scare you. You want them to go away and no one can keep you safe from them.

Nowhere to go for answers is the problem of the child with psychic abilities whose family and society only misunderstand. No one can help them feel safe or how to understand what’s happening. All we get told is that we are wrong. We are crazy. We are stupid. We are liars.

We are punished in any number of ways; no food, sent to our room, grounded, can’t play with our friends or pets. Oh, so many ways to torture a child that is already torturing themselves because they think they are bad, wrong, terrible, different from the family. If only families and society would be more open and tolerant to the possibilities of more than what they can see in front of their noses. If only schools would enlist teachers who understood these things and could guide children and their parents.

Another thing that can make it worse is that your family all believes in God, or some other Source of invisible power that you are supposed to also believe in. They say neither they nor you can see any of these powers though. So why is it wrong for you to see other things they can’t? How can that be? It’s OK for them, but not for you? Only you are wrong.

Are you really a terrible child? What did you do wrong that you can see these things and they can’t. Worse again. Maybe they even tell you the things you see are evil. But this God, Source, they can’t see is all right and good.. What? What does that mean?

I hope you may have begun to get the picture here. There is no place for a strong self-esteem in this family picture unless you are extremely lucky along the way to get help or figure it out for yourself. A distorted reality by any stretch of the imagination can bring so many more questions to mind. This is where healing begins for many of us.

The path is long and jagged with many bumps and bruises along the way. But for those of us who have lived this and are here reading this today, I congratulate you. You are the brave warriors of the light who fight to find out who you are. Who lead the way both in this world and all others for those who are still to come and need to find themselves.

The journey is never ending. We are a mystery beyond comprehension and isn’t it wonderful we will always have something to explore and new to learn about ourselves, others, the world and the universe.

I encourage you to take the time to honor yourselves in some ceremonial way, especially with the full moon coming the end of this week, July 8, 2017. Have a fire ceremony, light a candle and burn or say a prayer of gratitude to Spirit for guiding you. Gratitude to yourself for coming this far and doing the work to continue. Gratitude for those who have walked the path with you. Gratitude for those who did not understand and taught you to be resilient and strong. Honor the earth and anyone and anything that you feel in your heart needs it. This is your prayer, your way.

I’ll end with this little hope for all of us from when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I think it was a neighbor lady who taught me how to turn certain flowers inside out very carefully, which then makes them resemble pretty dolls in beautifully colored dresses. It was like opening up a whole new world to me and things talked even more. I can’t be sure if the neighbor understood what that meant to me, but I like to think she did. She seemed to move shortly afterwards, disappeared is my memory of it from my parents account. But it said someone understands me. And that meant maybe I wasn’t crazy after all.

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What makes a good friendship? Are there set rules for friendship? Some of the biggest publications in the USA, including Psychology Today, give us lists of qualities we should choose our friends by. But are these really the deciding factors? OR is there more to it than just qualities?

I feel that we choose friends for a lot of different reasons. Some are friends of convenience; who can gain what from whom? Some are friends of influence; look at who I know. Some are friends for cover up or protection; can’t let those secrets get out. Some are just acquaintance; a quick hello or cup of coffee. But the people we call best friends are the ones that hold our hearts the closest; they share the tears, the joys, the laughter and the pain of our very hearts.

We have all kinds of friends for all kinds of reasons. And we keep them at varying distances from ourselves in order to safe guard the true knowledge of who we are inside. Let the wrong one in at the wrong trust level and our lives can be shattered in seconds by betrayal, threats, harassment, broken promises, or many kinds of cruel words or deeds.

Some people have lots of friends for different reasons. Some have few friends at only one or two reasons. But sooner or later most of us have at least one true best friend that we trust and allow into our lives at the deepest levels our being. And what a GIFT that it!

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Going Within


Awaken To Your Dream

Awaken To Your Dream  (above -Dawn’s  Healing Card AWAKEN)


We seek outside ourselves for answers that can really only be found by going within us.  The wisdom of the ages is found inside each and every one of us here on earth.  The journey to go within can seem very frightening at the beginning.  It’s so expansive and there is no instruction book explaining exactly how every step will look along the way, like a scientific experiment with guaranteed results every time.  Only hints and recommendations of what happened to this person or that person and what they felt or did while at the same time telling you to trust that it will work for you too.

That’s where the BIG leap of faith comes in.  Spirit will push the door open giving you opportunities to step into something new or different.  When the time is right for you, you will take those first steps into the doorway in a leap of faith that you may not even believe in.  You will do it because it “feels” like something you are supposed to be doing and it “feels” right for you.  Your GUT, your intuition, your knowing, will KNOW that it is the right thing to do, and that’s all you have to worry about to get started on the journey within you.

Along the way you will discover that you do have guideposts inside you from your life experience, from books you’ve read, and people you’ve talked to that point you in the right direction.  When you get stuck you’ll find that the right people will show up, the right books will come your way or just the right information will land in front of you to help you to the next step.

It’s not about perfection or doing everything the books say to do.  It’s about how you follow YOUR intuition and knowingness inside you.  It’s all about pure TRUST in yourself and Spirit.  How you walk it your way.  It’s about a leap of faith that you DO know what you’re doing, even if you don’t.  You just know you have to do it for YOU.

Below Channeled by Dawn Cheney

Wisdom is not playing one card against the other. 

Wisdom is holding your cards into the unknown and letting go of the outcome. 


Crazy things go through my head as I’m thinking ahead and rounding the bend into the New Year.  You reading this are saying, “It’s not even Halloween yet.  What are you talking about?”

Well let me explain.  If you are going to be thankful at Thanksgiving and wishful at Christmas, it has to include the New Year  because you have to include the past, the present and the future in all your thankfulness and wishfulness.  So this means thinking of the New Year now.

Fact is, whether it’s consciously or unconsciously thought about, New Years is always part of our lives.  Every time we talk about hopes and dreams for the future, that’s all the New Years to get there.  Every time we talk about family plans and retirement and vacations, that’s all the New Years to set them in place.  We are a never ending line of New Years always in motion to get to the next one to see what it will be like.  And we always hope that the one coming will be better than the one that’s leaving.

So you see, our future is really all of our New Years to come, which we are always looking forward to and thinking about all the time.  So I’m really not too early to be thinking about New Years.

Interesting perspective isn’t it?  What do you think?

1280px-Good_Food_Display_-_NCI_Visuals_Online(File:Good Food Display – NCI Visuals Online.jpg – Wikimedia Commons)

Whole, Unprocessed, Organic Foods offer the Best Nutrition for Healthy Bodies and Healthy Microbiomes.

By:  Dr. Mary Lucero, PhD

People are waking up to the awareness that eating whole, unadulterated foods is a good idea. We are beginning to understand that only whole foods offer the biocomplexity (the diverse mixtures of ecologically balanced biochemical and nutrients) needed to sustain healthy bodies and functional microbiomes. The problem many people face today is that when it is necessary to use processed or packaged foods, it can be challenging to distinguish between whole foods, extracts or other preparations derived from whole foods, and added chemicals. The goal in choosing whole foods should be to maximize whole foods and minimize chemicals.  Extracts and other preparations derived from whole foods can fall anywhere between the two categories, with some extracts being quite complex and balanced, while others are pure enough to behave as synthetic chemicals. If you must use extracts, learn to pick extracts that retain biochemical complexity. Avoid purified chemicals completely.

What standard nutrition labels won’t spell out for you is whether an individual ingredient is a whole food, an extract from a whole food, or a chemical. One reason they won’t tell you this is because the boundary between these categories is not very distinct. Processed foods are almost always mixtures of whole foods, extracts of foods, and chemicals. Whole foods and whole food supplements will have the greatest biocomplexity. Added chemicals (which may be naturally occurring or man-made) will offer the least. The generalizations below are not carved in stone, but they offer general guidelines that can help you distinguish whole foods from other ingredients found on food and supplement labels.

Identifying whole foods.

Most of us easily recognize common dietary staples, such as beef, apples, mushrooms, corn, or fish as whole foods. Difficulty arises when we encounter packaged foods with ingredients whose names we can’t pronounce. If you are lucky, the manufacturer included the scientific name on the label (Panax ginseng or Chlorella vulgaris). When present, the Latin words in the scientific names (eg. Chlorella vulgaris) give you an immediate clue. Scientists give all identified plants, animals, fungi, and microbes a Latin binomial (a name with two words) to represent the genus and species living things belong to. So when you see two words in Latin representing a single ingredient on a packaged food or a supplement label, the odds are good that you are looking at either a whole food or an extract from a whole food, rather than at a chemical. Beware, however, of apparent “binomials” that contain “acid”, as a word or -ate, –ide, -ite as suffixes. More on this under added chemicals. Of course, identification of food items you are not familiar with becomes harder if the label doesn’t show the scientific names. Fortunately, we live in the information age, so when all else fails, so if you really want to consume a food with ingredients you have never heard of, you can always Google it to learn more.

Extracts or Natural Product Preparations Derived from Whole Foods.

Extracts and Natural Product Preparations constitute an enormous grey area because some extracts, like essential oils, retain sufficient biocomplexity to promote balance. For example, a typical essential oil (an extract) may contain hundreds of unique compounds that co-evolved within a plant in ratios compatible with living cells. Other extracts can become so purified that only a single chemical or drug remains. Think of sugar, corn starch, or even cocaine. Purification decreases the nutrition and increases the potency and the toxicity of a compound. For example, a coca leaf (a whole food/herb), is less potent and more nutritious than cocaine (a coca leaf extract and a toxic drug). Highly purified substances can disrupt metabolic balance within your cells and within your microbiome.

Since extracts can run a broad spectrum, ranging from mixtures with remarkable nutritional or biochemical complexity to highly purified compounds, like sugar or corn starch, the term “extract” on an ingredient list, while perfectly legal, does not provide enough information to help you assess whether the ingredient has the biocomplexity and balanced proportions that support microbiomes. Unfortunately, this may be all the information you have access too. Our labeling laws were simply not designed to help us think holistically about food. If you are dealing with a transparent company, you can call their customer service to find out more about their extraction process. When choosing products that contain extracts, look for those that retain biochemical complexity (ex:   choose dehydrated cane juice over white sugar).

Added Chemicals

To support balanced nutrition and a healthy microbiome, minimize exposure to any chemical that has been added in ratios differing from those found in whole foods or natural living systems.   This obviously includes reducing exposure to drugs, chemical preservatives, and pesticides, but it also includes reducing exposure to compounds you might currently view as a food or a nutrient, like white sugar or ascorbic acid (aka Vitamin C).

Because chemicals are often added in soluble forms, they can often be identified on package labels by the word “acid,” or by suffixes like –ide, -ite or –ate. For example, pantothentic acid, magnesium citrate, niacinamide, and monosodium glutamate are all chemicals that can be found on food or supplement labels.

Maximizing your intake of whole organic foods and minimizing intake of chemicals are simple steps anyone can follow to support a healthy microbiome. The guidelines above will help you distinguish between whole foods, extracts, and chemicals when reading labels of packaged foods. Keep in mind that these are very general guidelines. They will help you start looking at labels from a whole foods perspective, but they won’t help you identify every chemical or every whole food you encounter. In the end, your willingness to do your own research and become an informed consumer will be your best guide.   You can learn more about supporting healthy microbiomes at

 Mary Lucero, PhD, is a systems biologist who specializes in restoring microbiomes (the microbial communities that interact with all life forms) to promote human and environmental health


believe1 smallBy:  Dawn M Cheney

Blank and empty my mind staring at you there, flat white outlined page on the screen. How we look alike at this point and time. And yet I feel your challenge directed at me just as mine is at you, “Go ahead, write.”

We balance each other up and poke each other with keystroke hits and black marks pretending to be doing something creative. Who’s going to give in first? Will you mark your untouchable white surface first or will brilliance surface like bubbles in my mind and appear like magic on your page?

There is no choice here but to look away and grin inside myself, smart, satisfied that I have out smarted you again. I have won.

There it is. The marks upon the page and you haven’t even smudged your surface to make a wave or move. I feel superior, elated that I have made these marks upon your contours and you haven’t thought of your first ripple yet. I am smug.

But then You ask, “But who made those marks, you or I?”

“Well I did, of course.” I exclaim in all my expanded righteousness.

“Are you sure?” You ask with such a mark of reflection in Your voice that I hesitate to adhere to Your remarks.

But I must not be put off. “Well, absolutely. Who else would have the aptitude to put such words to Your surface than me? You can’t mean to think it was You. You haven’t even moved yet.

In soft reverberating tones You blow the challenge my way. “And how did they come upon my surface if not by me?”

“Surely not by You, ha. There is the matter of the keyboard on which I typed MY words and the software that interpreted MY keystrokes into MY intelligence and done all through the machine brain of the computer CPU. But I was the one who first created their original brilliance in front of me now.”

“Na ah, not so fast.” Your voice now rising in my ear like chimes out of sync. “Where did they come from in their origin?”

“From me,” I exclaim in a haughty might.

“I don’t think so my dear friend. How soon you forget where your inspiration came from. Where did you start? Go back to the beginning and think again,” this insolent white surface gleams in mock gesture as I smugly try not to listen.

“I dare say I started at the beginning sitting here staring at You, a blank white outline on a computer screen. Nothing more.”

“And the challenge you felt came from where to find these words you put on me?” You impertinently demand.

“Why from You, of course. We were in rare opposition I’d say to get things done. I won though, of course, in Your defeat.”

And again You demand, “And from what depths and to whose surface have they adhered from such challenge, which makes it whose origin?”

Flabbergasted I explode, “My word are on Your surface because I put them there!”

Calmly stating, You begin, “I am the one you brought your blank mind to, am I not? And I am the one to whose challenge you arose to put those words on my surface. Is that not right? And the marks were stroked on my surface by your fingers from you mind after great contemplation with my help. Is that not right?” And I am the one whose outline they could not have been seen on unless I was there in the first place. Is that not true?

In deflated exasperation I must concede, “Yes, that is true.”

With an imperceptible curl of its edges, as if one would put their hands on their hips in superior satisfaction, You softly whisper, “Touché”.   And with that one word my computer goes inexplicably dead.  And the winner is?

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